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Registration, goods delivery
Consolidation of cargoes
Europe, CIS country

  • 9 years of experience

  • We deliver goods to the CIA countries from 40 countries of Europe

  • 55 minutes is the average time of the work of your documents

  • 100% of the passing documents

  • More than 6120 cars passed through us

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Our services

We are engaged in the clearance of any complexity and guarantee 100% of passing

  • Clearance

  • Cargo transportation

  • Warehousing services

  • Insurance

About us
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Logistics division WEAT-Handel invites all interested parties to mutually beneficial cooperation. We offer the following services:

Customs clearance:

Our employees have many years of experience in the design of all supporting documents to meet the requirements / wishes of the client, professionally, competently execute documents on your cargo, which will easily pass all customs procedures.

Warehouse logistics:

We offer our clients a range of services for the storage and handling of goods, their warehouse processing, as well as rental of warehouses throughout Germany.


We offer our customers the delivery of goods and goods from all over the world. One of the specialties is the consolidation and delivery of cargoes, which saves you time and money. Also deliver "complete" goods by the various modes of transport.


Regardless of the type of transport - domestic or international, we can additionally insure your goods, from the loading and unloading of finishing.

of working with us is:
  • each of our staff speak several languages
  • quality and fast make out the accompanying documents in Germany
  • control the movement of your cargo and information about his whereabouts
  • assistance in choosing the vehicle within the parameters of the load
  • advice on organizing your transportation
  • our specialists will be able to offer you the best conditions of transport depending on the nature of the goods and the need for additional services (customs clearance, warehousing, etc.)